About our Criminal Defense Lawyers

We are a criminal defense law firm that truly understands the people that we defend.

JBABB Criminal Defense Attorneys is a multi-attorney, fully staffed law firm that strives to provide our clients with the best legal representation and service possible. We have a simple goal: to defend you and your name knowledgeably and reliably, at an affordable rate.

This is the creed by which we practice law. We believe that our clients deserve nothing less than the best defense. These clients number in the tens of thousands, and one call, click, or visit will prove why. With offices in Fort Worth, Denton, and Dallas, we are suited to serve to millions that live in North Texas.


You don’t have to break the bank to hire adept legal representation. JBABB Criminal Defense Attorneys offers extremely competitive rates that simply refuse to be beaten. As the right choice for both your case and your pocketbook, we will gladly match the fees of any defense attorney’s office in the Dallas Ft Worth metroplex. (Limitations apply.)


Our criminal defense attorneys understand that facing any type of criminal charge can be a daunting, seemingly archaic process. Regardless of the charge, the state and local statutes governing these offenses constitute a myriad of details, deadlines, and pitfalls. The state government has unlimited resources and power at its disposal and left unchecked, that power can result in heavy fines and penalties, convictions that will blemish your record and name forever, and even jail time. Unless you are as familiar with these pitfalls as a defense attorney who practices every day, what may seem like a simple affordable solution to the charge may ultimately cost you far more than you ever thought possible. You owe it to yourself to be armed with the best defense-a JBABB defense.

The good news here is that you don’t have to face the government alone, nor do you have to sacrifice knowledge and expertise for affordability. Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Babb has been nominated by his peers and pronounced a Texas Rising Star in the Super Lawyers edition of Texas Monthly magazine on three separate occasions. Our criminal defense attorneys routinely appear in courts all over the Dallas Ft Worth metroplex and beyond, meaning that if you’re facing criminal charges in North Texas, odds are we have already represented someone with similar charges in the same court. What that means to you is that you’ve armed yourself with a lawyer who likely is familiar with the prosecutor, the judge, and the court staff. That knowledge will be utilized to get you the best defense possible.


Just as you can rely on us in the courtroom, you can rely on us to be available to you. We have a fully staffed Downtown Dallas office just a short walk from the Dallas Municipal Court, and we are easy to reach by phone or email at all times. We will explain any complicated legal jargon in language that is easy to understand, while still being comprehensive. You will know of all necessary court dates and any and all new developments in your case. In fact, our firm software allows you to securely log into it so that you are updated at all times with changes in your case. We are a criminal defense law firm that truly understands the people that we defend. We know that a client could be in need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In response to this, our legal staff is available every hour of every day of the year (including holidays.) These defense attorneys are ready, willing, and able to post bonds to get you or a loved one out of jail around the clock.

The law never sleeps, and neither do we. You can call around the clock to inquire about the status of your case or set up an appointment with one of our lawyers for a free consultation.