With our new offices, coupled with the existing Dallas office, we are suited to serve to millions that live in and around the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Dallas Criminal Defense Law Firm

The Dallas JBABB office is the hub location of our firms. Our criminal defense attorneys have years of experience under their collective belts when it comes to representing clients in courts across Dallas County and North Texas. The presence we have in the largest city of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex gives us a great foothold to defend people in matters pertaining to tickets, warrants, misdemeanors, felonies, DUIs/DWIs, and jail releases. As our longest tenured location, you can trust that our defense lawyers have the knowledge and experience to set you on the path to a cleared name in Dallas, Texas.

Fort Worth Criminal Defense Law Firm

Our new Fort Worth office is establishing JBABB as the THE criminal defense firm for Tarrant County. Though our criminal defense attorneys have been serving citizens of the Ft. Worth area for many years, by way of our Dallas location, our new Cowtown office makes it that much easier to serve clients in the Western side of DFW. Despite this being a new office, our attorneys are here to handle all aspects of charges related to tickets, warrants, misdemeanors, felonies, DUIs/DWIs, and jail releases in North Texas. Our dedicated Fort Worth lawyers are set to be fixtures of Tarrant County courtrooms, and are ready to set you down the path to a cleared name. You can hang your hat on that.

Denton Criminal Defense Law Firm

When people hear ‘DFW,’ they often forget about the large, diverse, unique city just a hair north. The new Denton JBABB Law office is located in the heart of Denton, just off the square, enabling us to be a centrally-located resource to everyone in Denton County in need of criminal defense attorneys. Our lawyers are here to assist residents of Denton and the rest of North Texas in matters pertaining to tickets, warrants, misdemeanors, felonies, DUIs/DWIs, and jail releases. Being the college town that it is, JBABB Denton makes it a priority to protect the name and record of the next generation of Texans. We look forward to developing lasting relationships in this very unique city.

We serve anyone in North Texas affected by Texas law enforcement or the Texas criminal court system. To those we serve, we offer knowledgeable, reliable, and affordable representation in order to save their record and protect their name. The journey to a clean record starts here. Contact us today.