Criminal Defense Services

At JBABB Criminal Defense Attorneys, we offer full service legal representation for those affected by Texas law enforcement or the Texas criminal court system in the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas.

From posting the jail bond, all the way through in-court representation, our criminal defense attorneys will work tirelessly to give you the respectful, discreet, and intelligent representation you deserve at an extremely competitive rate. Providing the defense you deserve is our service. It’s more feasible than you think.

The services our attorneys perform to perfection are as follows:

  • Posting bonds to lift warrants
  • Representation on Class C traffic & code violations
  • Representation on NTTA toll violations
  • Representation on ALR hearings for driver’s license suspensions
  • Representation on other driver’s license suspension proceedings
  • Obtaining an occupational driver’s license (ODL)
  • Representation on DWI and DUI charges
  • Representation on Class A & B misdemeanor charges
  • Representation on felony charges
  • Obtaining writs to get a bond set for someone in jail
  • Bond reduction hearings
  • Getting a bond reinstated if a court date was missed
  • Representation for CDL holders
  • Petitions for non-disclosure
  • Petitions for expunction