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How to Be a Proactive (and Productive) Criminal Defendant

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How to Be a Proactive (and Productive) Criminal Defendant

How to Be a Proactive (and Productive) Criminal Defendant

The Road Ahead


Many people feel helpless when facing criminal charges. But what they don’t realize is they have more control than they think. You control—in part—the outcome of your case. And, oftentimes, the more you put into your defense process, the more you get out. Criminal defendants who don’t make an effort often get disappointing results. But those who are proactive and thus productive can obtain case outcomes that far exceed their highest expectations. To help you be the latter, here are some essential tips on how to be a proactive criminal defendant.


Don’t Do Their Job For Them


Exercise your right to remain silent. Too many criminal defendants think they can talk their way out of things or provide the police with an explanation so good they will drop the charges. In reality, they are giving law enforcement and the district attorney’s office everything they need for a conviction. They are essentially giving them a confession, making their job easier. Don’t do the work for them. Make them find other sources of evidence to convict you. Protect your Constitutional rights.


Do Your Homework


Keep good records of your case. This will help your attorney get the best outcome possible. Try to compile the following helpful information:


  • What your formal charges are
  • The date of your arrest
  • Information about your bail
  • Names and contact information for any witnesses that may help you
  • Court dates and courthouse locations


You will need most of this information whether you are working with a private attorney or a public defender.


Also, educate yourself on the penalties you could face and your options for handling your case. An attorney can help you do this. Ask your attorney what the best course of action is. In certain circumstances, you can negotiate a plea bargain or even stand a good chance at trial. But you need to learn about these potential options to be able to choose the best one to shoot for.


Foster a Good Working Relationship With Your Attorney


Help your attorney by providing the information they need to help you. Common courtesies such as showing up to meetings on time, bringing requested documents and being polite and respectful of their time can go a long way toward a productive working relationship. Remember, your attorney is trying to help you get the best outcome possible given your situation. You may feel overwhelmed now, but taking the time to handle your case wisely will pay big rewards.


Facing criminal charges is something you are rarely prepared for. But if you can heed these tips, your chance of being satisfied with the outcome of your case will be greater. Consult with a Dallas-Fort Worth criminal defense attorney if you are facing criminal charges. A seasoned attorney can help prepare you for the difficult journey you face, giving you peace of mind and a better chance at a favorable outcome.


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