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Occupational Driver’s License: Drive Legally When Your License Is Suspended

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Occupational Driver’s License: Drive Legally When Your License Is Suspended

Occupational Driver’s License: Drive Legally When Your License Is Suspended

The Step to Save Your License


If your license is suspended, it can be difficult to meet your daily responsibilities. You may need a license to drive to work, school or carry out essential household duties. Fortunately, the State of Texas allows people with suspended licenses to obtain an occupational driver’s license under certain circumstances.


An occupational driver’s license is a restricted driver’s license that allows you to perform essential functions. Typically, allowable uses include driving to work, school, and the grocery store or to medical providers. An occupational driver’s licenses (ODL) can help you if your license was suspended. But there are limitations to the benefits, so here are some important things you should keep in mind.


A Look at Occupational Driver’s Licenses


ODLs can be a lifesaver when your license is suspended, but you need to get to work or school. We can obtain an ODL that allows for the operation of a vehicle for up to 12 hours (actual driving time) during any 24-hour period.


You cannot drive a commercial vehicle with an ODL. You may use your ODL to drive to your place of employment, but you cannot drive a commercial vehicle. Commercial drivers who are facing license suspensions should speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss their options.


To obtain an ODL, you have to submit proof of financial responsibility to the Texas Department of Public Safety. This is also called an SR-22 filing. We recommend that our clients use a specific company for SR-22 insurance, Accurate Concept Insurance Agency. They have a method that permits the issuance of SR-22 insurance without your current insurance company raising its rates. It’s a no-brainer!


You will have to petition the court for your ODL, which can then be issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety.


Obtaining Your ODL


Although the entire process involves several steps and can take weeks, we generally can obtain one in a matter of a few days, and sometimes we can get it by the next day. If you are in a hurry to get an ODL so you can resume your daily activities, speak with an experienced Dallas-Fort Worth criminal defense attorney. Find one with experience handling driver’s license matters such as occupational driver’s licenses. An attorney can tell you whether or not you are eligible for an ODL.



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