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Driver’s Licenses

We Can Help You Stay on the Road

Many people in North Texas rely on their driver's licenses to make a living.

Unfortunately, certain citations and criminal charges can result in a license suspension, leaving those who depend on their license in difficult situations.

The good news is the Dallas-Fort Worth criminal defense attorneys at JBabb – Criminal Defense Attorneys have the experience and knowledge needed to defend your rights and fight for your license. When faced with the costs of being unable to drive in addition to mounting fines, an experienced attorney is well worth your investment. Our criminal defense attorneys can help you with a wide range of driver’s license issues, including:

Suspended Driver’s Licenses

It is a criminal offense to drive without a valid license in Texas. Our attorneys have defended clients against both prosecutors and the Texas Department of Public Safety on suspended license cases before. We know what it takes to get you back on the road and can help you get there.

Occupational Driver’s Licenses (ODL)

If your license has been suspended, you may be eligible for an Occupational Driver’s License (ODL). An ODL allows you to drive non-commercial vehicles under certain restrictions. To obtain an ODL, you need to get a court order. Our criminal defense attorneys know the process for seeking an ODL and have helped many get back on the road after a license suspension.

Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDL)

Our skilled lawyers can also help you keep your CDL. One simple mistake can cause you to lose your job if you’re a commercial driver. Our traffic lawyers have a thorough knowledge of the Texas Transportation Code and will work tirelessly to contest your disqualification, protecting your license and your job.

Contact JBabb – Criminal Defense Attorneys today so we can help you save your license.