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Drug Charges

Drug Crime Charges

A drug-related conviction can have serious consequences.

A drug-related conviction can have serious consequences. A single offense can result in incarceration, fines and a criminal record. A drug conviction can also cause you to lose your job and even prevent you from working in certain industries.

If you’ve been arrested and are facing drug charges, the attorneys at JBabb – Criminal Defense Attorneys can help. Our Dallas-Fort Worth drug charge defense attorneys understand your concerns. You may be asking:

Is my case worth fighting?

Should I just plead guilty?

Will I go to jail?

Will I lose my license?

What happens if I have a prior conviction?

Can I be deported?

Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of both state and federal drug crime laws.

Because Texas courts are rarely lenient on drug crime defendants, it’s crucial you work with an experienced drug crime defense attorney when facing charges.

JBabb – Criminal Defense Attorneys offers free consultations for anyone facing drug crime charges and gives every defendant the respect and guidance he or she deserves.

After a careful evaluation of your case, our attorneys can:

Determine whether law enforcement followed search and seizure laws

Identify possible defense strategies (e.g. suppressing evidence)

Explain the court-imposed penalties you could face

Develop a course of action to provide the strongest defense and obtain the best results

If you decide to hire us, our attorneys can tell you what the best course of action is for you and your charges and get started on your case right away.

Our deep understanding of how the Texas criminal court system works coupled with a knowledge of how to find the weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument means you will have the best defense possible.

If you are facing drug charges in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact JBabb – Criminal Defense Attorneys now for a free consultation to discuss the facts of your case and develop a plan of action.