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Expunctions and Nondisclosures

We Can Help You Clear Your Name

Moving on from an arrest or a criminal charge can be difficult, even more so when you consider the consequences of having a criminal record.

Maybe you’ve experienced difficulty finding a job or renting an apartment. Coupled with the fact that anyone can search your criminal record online, cleaning your record is more important than ever.

Whatever your obstacles, our Dallas-Fort Worth area Expunction/Nondisclosure attorneys can help you overcome them.

Fortunately, you may be able to clean your criminal record through one of two processes.


An Order of Nondisclosure seals your criminal record, so it isn’t available to the public. Most employers, landlords and lending institutions can’t access sealed criminal records. Our criminal defense attorneys can help you get an Order of Nondisclosure from the court if you are eligible.


Expunctions clear the history of certain offenses and arrests from your criminal record. Expunctions have stringent eligibility requirements, so you should review your options with an experienced attorney.

Obtaining a Nondisclosure or Expunction can help you:

Clean your criminal record

Get a job

Apply for an apartment

Get a loan

JBabb – Criminal Defense Attorneys can help you clear your name and move on with your life. Our dedicated and knowledgeable Nondisclosure/Expunction attorneys can walk you through the process of determining your eligibility, filing the correct petition and making your case to have your record cleaned.

Contact JBabb – Criminal Defense Attorneys today to learn more about how you can clean your record.