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Assault Family/Violence

Don't Face Assault/Family Violence Charges Alone

Assault/family violence convictions can result in many serious consequences including:

Jail or Prison Time


Protective Orders

Loss of Custody

Loss of Gun Rights

Immigration Consequences

Potential felony charge for a future violation

Many people are unfairly accused of assault/family violence in Texas every day. And those who don’t seek skilled legal guidance are wrongfully convicted.

Family violence charges are unique in that they involve someone that is close to the accused.  Many people falsely believe that if the family member doesn’t press charges then the case will simply go away.  Unfortunately, once the State believes there is a violation of the law they decide whether or not to press charges, not the family member.

A special division of the court handles family violence cases. Therefore, these cases can be difficult—but not impossible—to defend. You need a Texas criminal defense attorney experienced in handling Dallas-Fort Worth assault/family violence cases to have the best chance of beating your charges.

Anything less and you risk a conviction that will follow you for the rest of your life.

Our firm has ample experience handling assault/family violence cases and has been successful in clearing our clients’ names through dismissal or trial. Our assault/family violence defense attorneys understand how these types of cases are prosecuted in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex courthouses and the dire consequences a non-citizen can face for a conviction.

Call JBabb – Criminal Defense Attorneys today, and let us step in and offer you aggressive legal representation to defend your honor and your name.