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Facing Drug Possession Penalties in Texas? Follow These First Steps

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Facing Drug Possession Penalties in Texas? Follow These First Steps

Facing Drug Possession Penalties in Texas? Follow These First Steps

Drug possession penalties in Texas are severe. One misstep can leave you facing years of incarceration and insurmountable fines. Factors such as the type of drug and the quantity you possessed can mean the difference between a few years behind bars or life. Thus, if you are facing drug possession charges of any kind in Texas, here are some essential first steps you should take.

Connect With an Attorney

No one facing charges for possession of a controlled substance in Texas should do so without a criminal defense attorney. The potential consequences are too great. You should work with a legal professional to formulate the strategies you may need to employ to fight your charges or minimize the burden of the outcome of your case.

Analyze Evidence

It’s important to keep in mind that in drug possession cases, evidence can play a significant role. But evidence is sometimes fleeting and thus needs to be preserved. It can be seized by law enforcement, destroyed or disappear. Likewise, witness testimony can be of immense help but only if you contact and question witnesses soon after the incident in question. It’s best to bring a skilled Dallas-Fort Worth drug possession defense attorney on board to help you manage your case and obtain crucial pieces of evidence for a strong defense.

Abstain from Drugs and Alcohol

Pending the resolution of your case, it’s important to remain sober. Even one small mistake made when facing charges for another offense can ruin any hope of a positive outcome. Likewise, if you are convicted or placed on deferred adjudication with community supervision (i.e. probation), you will most likely be required to take and pass periodic drug tests. You may or may not be given notice before you have to take these. And lastly, staying committed to sobriety—even while your case is still pending—can demonstrate to the court that you have realized the consequences of your actions. This realization, if genuine, could potentially work in your favor. In fact, some prosecutors will agree to dismiss a case if you can pass a drug test on the day of court. There is no guarantee that this offer will be made to you, but you need to be ready if it does. There are even some judges that will test you on the date of a plea to see if you can pass a drug test; obviously not being able to do so does not help your case. Bottom line: no drugs or alcohol while the case is pending!

Drug Possession Penalties in Texas Can Be Life-Altering

Facing drug possession charges is frightening considering what is at stake. The good news is you do not have to face them alone. A skilled drug possession defense attorney in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can work to minimize the burden of your case outcome. Hiring an attorney is a personal choice and one you should make when informed. At the very least, discuss the drug possession penalties in Texas with an attorney before you make any decisions in your case.

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