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Top Tips for Job Searching With a Texas Criminal Record

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Top Tips for Job Searching With a Texas Criminal Record

Top Tips for Job Searching With a Texas Criminal Record

Looking for a Job With a Texas Criminal Record


If you are searching for a job and have a Texas criminal record, chances are good a prospective employer will discover it. More and more employers are turning to commercial background checks to quickly screen applicants that may be a “liability.” This makes their job of assessing candidates easier and lower risk. In reality, they could be denying highly qualified applicants due to an indiscretion of theirs in the past. Therefore, if you are job searching with a Texas criminal record, you could face undue discrimination. To help you overcome any barriers to employment you might face with a criminal record, keep these tips in mind.


Know What’s On Your Record


Request a copy of your Texas criminal record so you know what employers can see. It is not uncommon for people to discover inaccuracies on their criminal background check. Unfortunately, they often don’t find out until they’ve lost a job opportunity.


Know What You Have to Disclose


Another essential tip is to be 100% honest when applying for jobs. If a prospective employer requires you to disclose a criminal conviction at some point in the application process, do so truthfully. If you lie on an application and the employer finds out, you probably have zero chance of getting the job. Please note employers must gain your permission to run a criminal background check on you. You have a right to deny them that liberty, but they have a right to not offer you the job as a result.


Know Your Protections


Federal law provides job applicants certain protections. In general, federal law limits when and how an employer may use information about an applicant’s criminal background in the hiring process. Blanket policies that automatically discriminate against applicants with a criminal record are illegal for most private employers. Similarly, an employer may not use an arrest that did not end in a conviction as reason alone to deny you a job, a promotion or fire you.


Work With an Attorney to Counter Discrimination


There is no way around it; if you have a Texas criminal record, you could miss out on great job opportunities. But with a little bit of knowledge and a few extra steps, you can help counter discrimination and overcome the odds on your job search. Consult with a Dallas-Fort Worth criminal defense attorney if you are facing charges or are looking for a job and have a prior conviction. An attorney can help you explore your options for cleaning your record or keeping it clean before it’s too late.



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