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5 Unexpected Consequences of a Texas Family Violence Conviction

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5 Unexpected Consequences of a Texas Family Violence Conviction

5 Unexpected Consequences of a Texas Family Violence Conviction

The Aftermath of a Texas Family Violence Conviction


A Texas family violence (domestic violence is interchangeable with family violence in Texas courts) conviction can have serious and lasting consequences. These cases are always worth fighting because a single conviction can result in harsh penalties, including potential jail time and fines. But Texas family violence convictions are unique in that they trigger a number of consequences you might not expect. Here are five unexpected consequences of a Texas family violence conviction.


Denial of Texas Hunting and Fishing Licenses


If convicted of a family violence offense, the State of Texas may deny you hunting and fishing licenses. This may come as some surprise but is just one example of the far-reaching effects of a family violence conviction.


Inability to Possess Firearms


Federal law prohibits those convicted of domestic violence or family violence from purchasing, owning or otherwise possessing firearms for life. Unlawful possession of a firearm is a criminal offense.


Loss of Custody or Visitation


It should come as no surprise that a family violence conviction could affect your custodial rights. In some cases, it may even affect your visitation rights if you do not have custody. Unfortunately, parents in bitter custody battles sometimes make false accusations of family violence in order to gain the upper hand in their cases. Indeed, many of our clients have found themselves in this exact situation. If you are going through divorce or a custody case, it’s imperative you speak with an attorney about your defense options.


Loss of Your Job


You could lose your job if you work in certain industries and are convicted of Texas family violence. You may be ineligible to hold certain positions such as teacher, nurse or doctor. You can even lose certain forms of professional licenses. In sum, a family violence conviction can affect your ability to work and earn a living indefinitely.




An affirmative finding of family violence at any level of will allow the State to enhance any future allegations of family violence to a felony level charge. That’s right! An affirmative finding of family violence even on a Class C misdemeanor family violence case permits the State to file a future Class C family violence case as a felony. For this reason alone you should fight any assault family violence case.


A Permanent Criminal Record


Unlike certain crimes, you cannot expunge or seal records of a Texas family violence conviction. If you are convicted, your criminal record will show that conviction for the rest of your life. If for no other reason than this, you should always fight family violence charges.


Surprised to learn about these unexpected consequences of a family violence conviction? You’re not alone. Many people don’t realize how serious family violence charges are until it’s too late. To avoid these consequences, speak with an experienced Dallas-Fort Worth family violence defense attorney promptly. An attorney can help you navigate your case to minimize the negative consequences. Again, these cases are always worth fighting, no matter the class of the offense.


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