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Bond Reduction: Exploring Your Options

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Bond Reduction: Exploring Your Options

Bond Reduction: Exploring Your Options

A Fair Amount


Bail is the money you pay the court to be released from custody after an arrest. Typically, in misdemeanor cases, if you can post bail (i.e. pay your bail) you can go free. But not everyone can afford to pay exorbitant bail amounts. Judges have a wide amount of discretion when setting bail. Often they set the bail based on the facts at hand alone, before considering the defendant’s ability to pay. In these cases, it’s crucial you have an attorney help you.


Exploring Your Bond Reduction Options


The most ideal outcome is for an attorney to get you released on personal recognizance. Personal recognizance, also called own recognizance or “OR”, means you acknowledge your obligation to pay the court if you fail to appear at any of your scheduled court dates. A good attorney can secure your release on personal recognizance in many misdemeanor cases. With this type of release, there is no cash payment to the court. If you fail to fulfill your promise to return to court, however, the judge can issue a warrant for your arrest.


Alternatively, an attorney can file a Motion for Reduction of Bail. Bail cannot be excessive. But bail is often set using factors such as the nature of the offense and not the defendant’s financial standing. A Texas criminal defense attorney can use the regulations on bail setting to your advantage to negotiate a lower bail amount you can pay.


An attorney may also be able to secure a surety bond on your behalf. A surety bond (also called an attorney bond) is a promise made by your attorney that you will fulfill your obligation to appear in court. The benefit of having an attorney secure a surety bond is he or she can begin to work on your case even before you are released. If you work with a bail bondsman, you will end up paying a fee to the bail bond company but will not receive any legal guidance. Thus, having an attorney obtain a surety bond can be a better use of your resources in most cases.


Leverage the Law


Texas imposes strict regulations on the setting of bail and bonds. These regulations work to protect defendant rights and prevent oppression. If you want to make the most of those protections, work with an experienced Dallas-Fort Worth area criminal defense attorney. The best thing you can do for yourself is to speak with an attorney about your case. An attorney might be able to reduce your bond or post a surety bond on your behalf to release you from jail.



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