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Jail Release: How to Get Out of Jail Fast in Texas

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Jail Release: How to Get Out of Jail Fast in Texas

Jail Release: How to Get Out of Jail Fast in Texas

An Unexpected Arrest


Being booked into jail can be a stressful and anxiety-ridden experience for anyone. Most people taken to jail after an arrest have jobs they need to get to and families to take care of. Understandably, one of the biggest concerns for those in jail is getting out as quickly as possible. Fortunately, our firm has put together this list of steps you can take to get out of jail fast in Texas.


What Is Bail?


In most cases, the process for jail release after an arrest is relatively simple. A seasoned attorney should be able to get you out of jail fairly quickly.


Typically, within 24 hours of your arrest, a judge will set your bail at an initial hearing. The premise of bail is simple.

Bail is cash the defendant pays to the court to obtain conditional release from jail. If you return to court as expected, the court will refund your bail, less any applicable fees. If you fail to return to court, however, you forfeit your bail, which the court then keeps.


If you cannot pay the entire amount in bail, and this is not uncommon, you can secure a bond. A bond is an obligation to pay the court. Typically, a bondsman (or your attorney) can post a bond to secure your release. This is called a surety bond. Again, this is an obligation to pay the court. If you fail to appear at your future court proceedings, you must fulfill that obligation. Also, the judge can issue a warrant for your arrest.


If you work with a bail bonds company, you can post your bail with fewer immediate costs. Essentially, the bail bondsman will post your entire bail, and you pay a certain percentage to the company. If you return to court, the company gets the bail refunded, and the percentage you paid to the company applies to your fees. But the company may require up to 15% of the total bail from you and could require collateral to secure your ability to pay the entire sum should you fail to appear in court. Also, many bond companies require you to check-in weekly with them in person. Thus, working with a bail bondsman can be high risk.


Options for Jail Release


Now that you understand what bail and bonds are, we’ll go over the options for getting out of jail fast.


First, call an attorney or have a friend or family member call an attorney. An attorney can do a few things for you. The ideal outcome is your attorney negotiates for your release on personal recognizance. This means the court agrees to grant you release from jail if you acknowledge your obligation to return to court and promise to fulfill it. No cash payments are involved. But some charges may preclude you from this option, so have an attorney advise you on the best option.


If the court won’t grant you release on recognizance, an attorney can work to reduce your bail to a more reasonable amount. If this isn’t a good option (and your attorney can advise you on this), your attorney can post a surety bond. Surety bonds secure the bond (and the obligation to pay the court) on your behalf.


Act Quickly


If you want to get out of jail fast in Texas, calling an attorney will be the quickest route to release. An experienced attorney can set to work on securing your release from jail using one of the methods above. A good attorney can get you out of jail quickly in the most cost-effective way possible.


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