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Top Tips for Facing Felony Charges in Texas

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Top Tips for Facing Felony Charges in Texas

Top Tips for Facing Felony Charges in Texas

Facing a Felony? Here’s What You Need to Know


The State of Texas defines felonies as crimes that are punishable by terms in state prisons or Texas Department of Correction. Felonies are typically considered more serious than misdemeanor crimes because of the potential of prison time. Felony convictions also carry the possibility of steep fines. Federal law prohibits felons from owning or possessing firearms. In addition to these consequences, you could lose your professional license or even your job.


When the stakes are this high, it’s normal to feel anxious about what your future holds. You are right to be worried, but do not give up hope. Our experienced attorneys who’ve helped many Texans face and overcome felony charges compiled this list of tips to guide you in your time of need.


Stay Quiet


The most important piece of advice for anyone facing felony charges is to remain silent. Do not speak with police officers, detectives or anyone from the district attorney’s office. You have a Constitutional right to freedom from self-incrimination. Simply put, this means you do not have to give the courts the information they need to convict you. You hold the cards when it comes to information about the allegations you face. Keep that information to yourself and for your attorney.


Learn About the Penalties


The best thing you can do when facing felony charges is to consult with a Texas criminal defense attorney. Ask about the court-imposed penalties you could face and what those mean. Educating yourself on the consequences of a conviction should be one of the first things you do in your case. Knowing what is at stake will help guide your decision-making.


Explore Your Options


Learning about your options may give you peace of mind. Facing felony charges does not mean a conviction is imminent. A good attorney will be able to evaluate the facts and circumstances of your offense and advise you on what you can do to fight your charges, negotiate a plea bargain or receive a reduced sentence.


Be Patient


Resolving your case almost certainly will not happen overnight, especially if you want a good deal or even a dismissal. Some people plead guilty or no contest as a knee-jerk reaction. They want to be done with the whole ordeal. But pleading guilty only means the criminal courts will be involved in your life for longer. Not only will you face sentencing, but you could also be subject to probation for up to 10 years. Also, you will carry your criminal record with you for years to come. Use this time to explore all your options and learn about your rights.


As a last word of caution, don’t face your charges alone. Work closely with an experienced Dallas-Fort Worth criminal defense attorney. Do not take any chances when facing felony charges. You need savvy legal representation to avoid the worst outcome.


If you are facing felony charges in Dallas-Fort Worth, JBabb – Criminal Defense Attorneys is here to help. JBabb Criminal Defense Attorneys can aggressively protect your rights. With law offices in Dallas and Denton, our attorneys provide compassionate legal services to Dallas, Collin, Denton, Ellis, Rockwall and Tarrant counties. Our experienced attorneys handle a wide variety of criminal cases including DWI/DUI, assault/family violence, and other misdemeanors and felonies. Call (214) 329-9433, email clients@jbabblaw.com, or fill out our confidential online form to schedule a consultation with a Dallas-Fort Worth criminal defense attorney.