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Weighing Your Chances in a Texas Criminal Trial

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Weighing Your Chances in a Texas Criminal Trial

Weighing Your Chances in a Texas Criminal Trial

Is Trial a Good Idea?


Criminal trials are complex legal proceedings. Weighing your chances at a Texas criminal trial is impossible without a full examination of the facts and circumstances of your case. Even then, a good attorney can only give you a general idea of what the outcome may be. For this reason, you should consult with an experienced Dallas-Fort Worth criminal defense attorney to discuss your case. But, in the meantime, here is some helpful information on the factors that can affect the outcome of a trial.


Who Decides?


Trials in Texas are most commonly jury trials, meaning a panel of jurors decides the verdict and sometimes even the sentence. Jurors are everyday citizens. They are selected to be free from bias and prejudices. But it’s difficult to know how any given jury will decide. An attorney with trial experience should give you an idea of the factors that come into play when juries decide on cases.


A criminal defendant in Texas has the right to have the jury decide the punishment. Jurors are educated on sentencing guidelines and instructed on what factors can influence a sentence. In some cases, letting the jury decide the sentence is the best way to ensure a fair punishment. In others, it may be advisable to let the judge decide.


The Timeline


It could take a while before your case goes to trial. If you are awaiting trial while in jail, your case will move more quickly. But, in general, much of the delay in criminal trials comes from the court’s backlog of cases. In fact, this is why prosecutors are keen to offer plea bargains when defendants plead not guilty. The plea bargain works in the defendant’s and the court’s favor. The prosecutor may offer the defendant a lesser charge or a reduced sentence in exchange for a guilty plea. The court, in turn, reduces its backlog of cases awaiting trial.


Every Case Is Different


It’s best to explore all your options for fighting your charges with an attorney. While your chances of acquittal may be hard to estimate, a seasoned attorney can evaluate the facts and circumstances of your case and advise you on the best course of action. Trial isn’t for everyone. In many cases, plea bargains are preferable. But it requires going over all the details in your case with a skilled Texas criminal defense attorney to know what your best option is.



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