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Why Hiring a Defense Attorney Is a Better Investment Than You Think

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Why Hiring a Defense Attorney Is a Better Investment Than You Think

Why Hiring a Defense Attorney Is a Better Investment Than You Think

Investing in Your Defense


When faced with criminal charges, money is often a top concern. Fines for a criminal conviction can be exorbitant, but the costs of a criminal defense attorney can seem out of reach, too. Even so, hiring a criminal defense attorney is an investment in your future. If you’re not convinced or are on the fence about hiring an attorney to fight your Texas criminal charges, consider these points.


Paying for Protection


A criminal defense attorney can do many things for you, one of the most important of which is protecting your rights. This isn’t to say you can’t protect your own rights, but consider whether you really know and understand how to do that. Our experience in watching pro se defendants attempt this over the years leads me to conclude they do not. A defense attorney will understand how to protect your rights and—more importantly—leverage them to strengthen your defense.


Weighing the Costs of a Conviction


The costs of a criminal conviction might not be apparent to you at this time. Aside from any court-imposed statutory fines for your conviction, you may be ordered to pay other costs. For example, the court could order you to pay restitution, make a payment to Crime Stoppers and pay ongoing supervision fees. If you factor in potential discrimination on the job market or the chance you could even lose your job, you can begin to see how expensive a conviction really is.


Knowledge Is Power


When you hire a defense attorney, you are paying for that attorney’s knowledge. And that knowledge isn’t limited to what he or she learned in law school. In fact, you are paying for that attorney’s knowledge of Texas statutes and how to interpret them, how to navigate courtroom rules and trial procedures and how to employ negotiation tactics. Although normally not very effective, you can try to bone up on legal information at the library or online, but you can’t learn how to successfully defend cases without years of hands-on experience (it’s the equivalent of simply reading a manual in order to perform surgery on yourself). And that knowledge is powerful because without it you have a slim chance of getting the best possible outcome in your case. The legal system is not user-friendly, so when facing criminal charges, it’s unwise to go DIY. It’s simple: pay now or pay more later. And later you most likely will not be able to change the outcome.


Consult With a Defense Attorney to Learn More


If you are facing charges, you need to consult with a Dallas-Fort Worth criminal defense attorney. Many attorneys in the Dallas area offer free consultations wherein they can provide you basic information that can help you better understand your case. There is no excuse not to tap into this valuable source of knowledge! Discuss the details of the charges you face and learn about your options. Make sure you also discuss the potential consequences of a conviction. From there, you can make an informed decision about how to invest in your future.


If you’re facing criminal charges in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, JBabb – Criminal Defense Attorneys is here to help. JBabb – Criminal Defense Attorneys will advise you on the best course of action. With law offices in Dallas and Denton, our attorneys provide compassionate legal services to Dallas, Collin, Denton, Ellis, Rockwall and Tarrant counties. Our experienced attorneys handle a wide variety of criminal cases including DWI/DUI, assault/family violence, and other misdemeanors and felonies. Call (214) 329-9433, email team@jbabblaw.com, or fill out our confidential online form to schedule a consultation with a Dallas-Fort Worth criminal defense attorney.